Wedding Trends We Love 

With every year and every season there are new trends, exciting developments and a whole lot of creativity. The move away from over the top, budget-breaking and frou-frou weddings are welcome changes, and more bridal couples are opting for special, unique details. Here are some of the latest trends that we just can't get enough of!

In no particular order (in fact very random order) – here are the wedding trends we LOVE

#1 Interactive Station

Whether it is juice stations, make your own milkshakes, taco-and-tequila stations, pix-mixes, cheese stations, build your own waffles, sweet stations or a selection of appetisers – guests love interactive stations. As do we!


#2 Punch is Back!

Signature cocktails have been a trend for several years and this remains a classic, but punches are back and gaining popularity this year and beyond. These “help-yourself-cocktails” are an inexpensive way for guests to have fun. Perhaps have a no-fun/kid-friendly table for alcohol-free punch and a spiked-table for adults. Just keep the spiked table mild – unless you want Uncle Ernie to show-off your Irish Heritage in his birthday suit again


#3 Bridal Party Twist

The bridesmaids walking down the aisle followed by the bride is a massive deal – one of the biggest reveals of the whole wedding. And a trend we absolutely LOVE is bridal couples throwing traditional roles out the venue. Instead of flower girls – how about flower grandmas? Instead of page boys – how about grandpas walking down the aisle with streamers? Let the groom walk down the aisle with his mom or let the bride and her father have their first dance down the aisle towards the groom. These photos are priceless and will make your wedding one to remember.


#4 Creative Seating Charts and Place Cards

From Seating Plans that just say: “No Seating Plans – Make Friends”, to drawing your table number out of a hat, to key rings that give you a clue and your guests have to find their seats and more – we just love the uniqueness. Place cards at the table have also turned into something interesting and original. We have seen from personalised gifts that act as the thank you gifts and place cards, to writing on ivy leaves with metallic markers, to decorative cookies or tearing paper from an old book and writing names in cursive, with quill and ink.


#5 Potted Plants and More Natural Elements

Picture your walk down the aisle lined with potted plants, accenting your chosen colour scheme and bringing nature right in. Adding elements of nature to your wedding not only celebrates the beautiful environment that South Africa is known for, it is also portable and something you can give to your bridal party or guests as a thank you gift, after your special day is over. It is also easy for your venue to move these plants from the aisle to your Reception saving money on decor.


#6 Smaller Wedding Parties

Choosing bridesmaids and groomsmen is always a sensitive subject because where do you draw the line? Your siblings, best friends, cousins…? And then you need to try matching the amount on the bride and groom side or else the “pictures look funny”. A welcomed 2018 and beyond trend that Mount Amanzi loves is smaller wedding parties. Rather than 13 bridesmaids (that was last year's record), brides and grooms are opting for one maid of honour and best man. Less cost, less drama and making your big day that bit simpler – it's a yay from us!


#7 Emphasis on the After-Party

Even the royal wedding of 2018 followed this trend. After, the reception there is an intimate after party for the bridal couple's nearest and dearest. This includes fun elements like midnightsnacks, braaiing marshmallows around a bonfire, everyone in their comfy wear, onesies and yoga pants or even a surprise boerewors braai or pizza delivery at twilight.


#8 Pre-Ceremony Fun

Why does all the fun have to happen after the “I do's”? Tea and biscuits, or champers and cheese or pre-ceremony fun is a super trend for this year and beyond. And at least if the bride is running late, the guests feel satisfied and happy to wait.


#9 Tata Matchy-Matchy Dresses

A trend for 2018 beyond that has caught our attention is moving away from matching bridesmaid dresses and not only in their style, but now their colours too. The multi-way-wear dress was an answer to many brides' and bridesmaids' prayers – one dress that suits multiple body types. But now this trend takes this even further!

With the move completely away from the same dress, brides and importantly bridesmaids are free to choose dresses that they feel beautiful and comfortable in. When brides embrace this trend – it is still worth sticking to some theme though – “cool tones”, “bright colours”, “jewel tones”, “bohemian”, “glitter”, “pastels” or “paisley patterns” to name a few.


#10 Shrubbery or Wildflower Bouquets

Instead of expensive, over the top flower arrangements, brides are opting for more natural bouquets that are truly South African and found in gardens, the bush or countryside. Mount Amanzi loves this trend just because it is so unique, natural and true to what makes South Africa so super.


#11 The Bohemian/ Rustic Look and Feel

Whimsical details, bohemian jewellery worn by the bridal party or gemstones or crystals as a part of the table decor are a lovely change from traditional look and feel of weddings. Rustic details like hessian runners or tiebacks and desert roses on plain wooden tables look great and DIY bunting, jars and picnic vibes. Brilliant!